Slaves – ‘Take Control’ review (Rolling Stone)


Getting a Beastie Boy to produce your record: smart.

Slaves’ swaggery-eff  you punk, and their first album Are You Satisfied (that I also reviewed for Rolling Stone) was a blast of pungent fresh air, so getting Mike D to produce their second record is an unexpected, yet  awesome, move. With that in mind, read my review of Slaves’ Take Control for Rolling Stone right here.

Derong Guys – Top 100 Derong Dudes (Episodes 41-47)

Keep up with our weekly NBA podcast, where we’re currently going through our Top 100 Derong Dudes. We talk/gush/criticize everyone from Walt Frazier to Blake Griffin, Peja Stojakovic to Shawn Kemp and Steve Nash to  Oscar Robertson… And we’ve still got three weeks to go!

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