Blunt Magazine

I reviewed the new records by Pup, Devil You Know and Plague Vendor in the latest issue of Blunt Magazine.

All of them are actually damn good albums, and the Pup and Plague Vendor records in particular are highly spoken of. And Devil You Know is better than any post-Howard Jones Killswitch Engage record to date. So yeah. Cool.


Which means, y’know, buy the magazine.


20 Years On – Has Kurt Cobain Influenced Music Today At All?

My formative years were spent listening to Nirvana, and figured that Kurt Cobain’s musical legacy would always be undeniable and important …  so what happened?

You can read my feature about Cobain, 20 years after his death, right here.


Revisited: Reality Bites

Where I take a look at Reality Bites 20 years on. Was it the defining Gen X document… or just a navel-gazing paean to a bunch of annoying early-’90s jerks?

Find out here.