Sticky Fingers – ‘Westway: The Glitter & The Slums’ feature review (for Rolling Stone)


Sticky Fingers offstage rock’n’roll personas  – whether you believe in the veracity of them or not – can, in an unsurprising way, take away from their musical output.

Which kinda sucks. Because their new album, Westway: The Glitter & The Slums works as a super-interesting comedown record to their last album, Land of Pleasure. That was a bonkers sunshine indie psyche-pop gem —  my 2014 review of it for Rolling Stone gave it 4 stars — and Westway is scrappier, stranger and not quite the summer-jam kiler its predecessor was. It definitely  has more heart, however.

Anyway. With that in mind – my featured review of  Westway: The Glitter & The Slums for Rolling Stone is right here.

The Sword – ‘Low Country’ review (Rolling Stone)


The Sword: a bunch of rad Austin longhairs.

Low Country: the companion record to last year’s High Country. 

The cool part: It’s sludgy psyche-metal songs done acoustic gothic country. And it’s awesome. Read my review of Low Country right here.

Feature: Nine Thoughts To Keep Your Spirits Up Heading Into The 2016-17 Nets Season (for The Brooklyn Game)

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 11.06.27 AM.jpg

HEY NOW! I wrote about how folks can deal with the Nets upcoming season. It’s over at TheBrooklynGame.

Hint: Booze and Jeremy Lin’s (pretty amazing) hair feature prominently

Against Me! – ‘Shape Shift With Me’ review (Rolling Stone)


Against Me! and Laura Jane Grace have been making essential punk albums for the past decade-plus… and Shape Shift With Me is no exception. You want angry relationship identity punk? You got it, kid. Check out my review of Shape Shift With Me for Rolling Stone right here.