Just What Could The Nets Get For Brook Lopez? Part 2 (for TheBrooklynGame)

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Aaaaand here’s the second half of my lengthy breakdown of Brook Lopez’s trade value for the Brooklyn Game. Would he work on Washington? Milwaukee? Orlando? Find out here.

DNCE – ‘dnce’ review (Rolling Stone)


Joe Jonas has a band! They’re called DNCE! Aaaaaaaand they’re not very good! I reviewed their self-titled debut record for Rolling Stone right here.

Spoiler: Their synthy-funk-pop has been done better already this year by The Griswolds on their album High Times For Low Lives. So maybe check that out instead.


The Bronx – feature interview (for FasterLouder)

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… In which I talk to The Bronx’s throat Matt Caughthran and yell about how they’re the world’s greatest punk band. Also, Bronx 5 comes up, as does Mariachi El Bronx and what the line of demarcation is between the two bands.

Plus, I get to relive one of the most memorable, come-to-god musical moments i’ve ever seen, when The Bronx single-handedly alleviated two days of miserable and wet festival going with a set that literally put me on my knees (in mud) with my arms raised to the air.

Have a read here at Fasterlouder.

Ben Lee – Freedom, Love and the Recuperation of the Human Mind review (for Rolling Stone)


The evolution of Ben Lee is pretty interesting — from weirdo indie pop to conceptual spiritual noise to agreeable adult contemporary folk-pop — and his latest album takes a very high-minded bent. Just in case you didn’t pick that up from the title. Freedom, Love and the Recuperation of the Human Mind is out now and I reviewed it for Rolling Stone here.

Feature: 11 Bands You Should Get Back Together With (for FasterLouder)


In which I make jokes about: Daniel Chick, Charlie Pickering, Nova Scotian fishing fleets, Pauline Hanson, Adam Sandler, the Pigeon Detectives and many, many other things.

Also, it’s about bands you should make sure you still like. Because they’re good. Have a read here.

The Sword – ‘Low Country’ review (Rolling Stone)


The Sword: a bunch of rad Austin longhairs.

Low Country: the companion record to last year’s High Country. 

The cool part: It’s sludgy psyche-metal songs done acoustic gothic country. And it’s awesome. Read my review of Low Country right here.