Against Me! – ‘Shape Shift With Me’ review (Rolling Stone)


Against Me! and Laura Jane Grace have been making essential punk albums for the past decade-plus… and Shape Shift With Me is no exception. You want angry relationship identity punk? You got it, kid. Check out my review of Shape Shift With Me for Rolling Stone right here.

The Delta Riggs – ‘Active Galactic’ review (Rolling Stone)


The Delta Riggs are a good band. Active Galactic is an album made by that good band. You should take my advice and totally read my review of that good band’s new album to find out if it’s good or not (pro tip: good bands tend to make good albums) by reading my (hopefully good) review of it for Rolling Stone… right here.

Good? Good.

Feature: Descendents – Milo Aukerman interview (for FasterLouder)


Descendents — the timeless progenitors of pop punk — are one of my all-time favourite bands and I talked to their vocalist/the world’s leading punk-rock biochemist Milo Aukerman for FasterLouder. It was ace. Read it here.

Also: one thing I left out of the article was how much I loved the stark  difference in crowd reaction/behavour in the clip for their ’96 classic “I’m the One”…

… and their new single, “Victim of Me”

Everyone’s a photographer, huh? *Shrug emoji*

(Also: I talked to drummer Bill Stevenson in 2010 about their comeback and his health issues for Beat… what that dude went through was intense.)


Stonefield – ‘As Above So Below’ (for Rolling Stone)


Read my Rolling Stone review of the new Stonefield record, As Above So Below — and how I think it compares to their debut of a couple years back — right here.


*Hint:  considering my predilection for  psyche-y stoner rock, it might not come as much of a surprise that I like it.

Hey Geronimo – ‘Crashing Into The Sun’ review (Rolling Stone)


Still not sure if Hey Geronimo’s ‘tribute’ to TISM’s classic “Thunderbirds Are Coming Out” film clip on their lead single “Boredom” is infuriatingly trite, or just ok… but their long-gestating debut is really, really…pretty good? Read my review of it for Rolling Stone here.