Jaymz Clements is a writer, editor, NBA fanatic, podcaster, super-yacht enthusiast and Bengal tiger trainer, with a penchant for high-tech jewel thievery who enjoys finely spiced rum, constructing pillow forts and zip-lining from Hong Kong skyscrapers.

He’s the founder/host/writer of NBA ‘Straya, Australia’s favourite daily NBA podcast hosted from New York City, alongside being a popular website with daily updates that enjoys a passionate community of followers.

He was also the Editor of triple j Magazine (one of Australia’s major music/youth culture publications in both print and iPad form) from 2011-2013, and prior to that was the Music Editor of Beat (Melbourne’s biggest free culture magazine and website) from 2008-2011. He’s been an editor/journalist for over 10 years.

He writes about music, sport, film, TV, travel and everything in between for Rolling Stone, Triple J, The Vine, MStars News, Blunt Magazine, The Brooklyn Game, AWOL, SHK Magazine, Faster Louder, Junkee, Tone Deaf, Beat, Brag, and Mixdown.

He lives, works and walks his dog Larry in New York City.


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