Ten Australians Who Are Nailing It Abroad (for junkee.com)


Australians overseas… they’re not all tanned, be-singleted and yelling ‘maaaate’ at people on beaches/in pubs/on the street/at Chet Faker shows…. There’s heaps of them doing pretty great stuff. And I wrote about ten of them for junkee.com.

So have a read, huh?

While We’re Young – Ben Stiller/Noah Baumbach article (The Vine)

I hung out at a presser with Ben Stiller, Noah Baumbach, Amanda Seyfried and Adam Horovitz – then wrote this about their new film While We’re Young.

Or, as it perhaps should be called “Young people are weird, amirite?”

‘Speed’ 20 Years Later: How We Got Screwed Out of A Kickass Franchise (The Vine)


Yes. Speed is great. Yes, Speed 2 is the worst movie ever. So, in talking about how it could’ve been the greatest action franchise of the past twenty years, I came up with the sequels we should have had… here.