Derong Guys – NBA skits & dumb funny stuff

Yup – here’s a selection of funny dumb NBA stuff written, performed and produced (by me) for Derong Guys NBA podcast.

(Not) Featuring ‘Matthew Dellavedova’, ‘Mikhail Prokhorov’, ‘Timofey Mozgov’ and ‘Kawhi Leonard’.

Isaiah Whitehead: top 3 NBA rookie point guard (for The Brooklyn Game)

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The Brooklyn Nets took Isaiah Whitehead at number 42 in the 2016 NBA draft (after a trade with Utah for the pick)… and I make the case how — despite a horrible -1.0 Win Share and brutal ESPN Real Plus-Minus of -3.71, ranking him 80th out of 89 qualifying NBA point guards  — he’s made to be considered one of the NBA’s best rookie point guards. Check it out here.

Jet – interview/feature (for Fasterlouder)

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Yup. I had a long-ass chat with Jet ahead of their reformation/reunion shows with Bruce Springsteen. It was pretty great to hang and talk with a band that I grew up seeing in pubs in Melbourne and watching their stature grow to where you still hear “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” in US sports arenas.

It was fun. Read it here.

Metallica – feature article with Kirk Hammett (for Fasterlouder)

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Hey! I interviewed Metallica.

More specifically, I got to chat to Kirk Hammett for an unreasonably long time about the relationship between he, James Hetfield and Lar Ulrich, how he lost his phone with 250+ riff ideas for their new album, how fans engage with Metallica now, what the band could mean to a teenager in 2017, the band’s inestimable legacy and what Metallica are in 2017.

It was really cool. Check it out here at Fasterlouder.


(and, if you dig it, check out my deep dive on whether their 1996 album Load is actually any good too)

Does Metallica’s ‘Load’ Still Suck? (for FasterLouder)


For the 20th anniversary of its release, I listened to Metallica’s Load 20 times (!!!) to determine whether or not it still sucks for FasterLouder.

And man… 20 times is a LOT of “Mama Said”, “Until It Sleeps” and “Bleeding Me”.

Find out  the results — does it suck, or not? — right here.