Timberwolf – Íkaros: Rolling Stone review


Things I really like: basketball, my dog, watching basketball with my dog, and getting to hear rad new records like Timberwolf’s  Íkaros. It’s beautiful, smart, engaging and just an all-round warm, encompassing debut. Read my review* of Íkaros for Rolling Stone here.


*one line that didn’t make it in: ‘It’s a record that’ll have you saying ‘fuck Bon over’ quick smart’.


The Bronx – ‘V’ review: Rolling Stone


One of the single greatest moments in my life happened while The Bronx played, and I’m pretty sure 3 of my top 5 favourite moshpits have been at Bronx shows.  Also, their new album is, as I say, ‘titanic’. Not in that it sinks, but that’s it’s huge and awe inspiring and also features Billy Zane*. Read my review of The Bronx’s new album V for Rolling Stone over here. You really should, it’s very good.



*V does not contain any Billy Zane. That I know of… and may be an oversight from both the band and Billy Zane’s management.