Can Comedy Change The World?

An idea that stemmed from the litany of ‘what can you say on stage/should you be offended by comedy’ pieces from the beginning of 2013 concept, I tried to get this piece to tap more into societal issues across the board. I approached four young Australian comedians — Nina Oyama, Aamer Rahman, Matthew Kenneally, and Khaled Khalafalla — and got them to talk about racism, sexuality, politics, gender, disability and other elements of culture and society that have seen marked changes in relation to our attitudes towards them.  It ran in the April/May issue of triple j magazine.  And it’s pretty damn good.

Comedy_Change the world 2Comedy_Change the world 3

10 Signs That You Should Escape Social Media For A While

Or, as I like to call it, ‘an article where I try to be funny’. This ran in the October 2012 issue of triple j magazine – and remains one of my favourite spur of the moment tongue-firmly-in-cheek features.


23 Things You Need To Know About The ’90s

As it says in the title – this was an article we wrote about the ’90s – and it happened to be one of my favourite pieces we ran in triple j magazine.

It ran in our Temper Trap issue in honour of ’90s week, which happened back in July 2012. Talking about Michael Jordan, Jonathan Taylor-Thomas, the Simpsons, Nirvana, Friends, Britpop and Trainspotting? Man, that’s right in the ol’ wheelhouse.


23 Things You Need To Know About the 90s

23 Things You Need To Know About the 90s

It was all in honour our man Craig Schuftan’s book about ’90s culture, Entertain Us. It’s awesome. Get a copy here, why not?

Also – how’s the design work? Love it – that was the work of the ever-rad Huy Truong.