Backstage at Tash Sultana’s U.S. TV Debut on Late Night With Seth Meyers – Rolling Stone

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I hung out with the inimitable Tash Sultana backstage as she made her U.S. TV debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers and wrote about it for Rolling Stone. It was awesome. Read what happened right here. … and watch her actual performance below

Ten Australians Who Are Nailing It Abroad (for


Australians overseas… they’re not all tanned, be-singleted and yelling ‘maaaate’ at people on beaches/in pubs/on the street/at Chet Faker shows…. There’s heaps of them doing pretty great stuff. And I wrote about ten of them for

So have a read, huh?

6 Things You Need To Know Before The Walking Dead’s New Season

Yup. What do you need to remind yourself about before The Walking Dead premiere this weekend? Just these things.

And yes, Daryl is still the best.


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