Backstage at Tash Sultana’s U.S. TV Debut on Late Night With Seth Meyers – Rolling Stone

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I hung out with the inimitable Tash Sultana backstage as she made her U.S. TV debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers and wrote about it for Rolling Stone. It was awesome. Read what happened right here. … and watch her actual performance below

Jet – interview/feature (for Fasterlouder)

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Yup. I had a long-ass chat with Jet ahead of their reformation/reunion shows with Bruce Springsteen. It was pretty great to hang and talk with a band that I grew up seeing in pubs in Melbourne and watching their stature grow to where you still hear “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” in US sports arenas.

It was fun. Read it here.

The Bronx – feature interview (for FasterLouder)

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… In which I talk to The Bronx’s throat Matt Caughthran and yell about how they’re the world’s greatest punk band. Also, Bronx 5 comes up, as does Mariachi El Bronx and what the line of demarcation is between the two bands.

Plus, I get to relive one of the most memorable, come-to-god musical moments i’ve ever seen, when The Bronx single-handedly alleviated two days of miserable and wet festival going with a set that literally put me on my knees (in mud) with my arms raised to the air.

Have a read here at Fasterlouder.

Feature: Descendents – Milo Aukerman interview (for FasterLouder)


Descendents — the timeless progenitors of pop punk — are one of my all-time favourite bands and I talked to their vocalist/the world’s leading punk-rock biochemist Milo Aukerman for FasterLouder. It was ace. Read it here.

Also: one thing I left out of the article was how much I loved the stark  difference in crowd reaction/behavour in the clip for their ’96 classic “I’m the One”…

… and their new single, “Victim of Me”

Everyone’s a photographer, huh? *Shrug emoji*

(Also: I talked to drummer Bill Stevenson in 2010 about their comeback and his health issues for Beat… what that dude went through was intense.)


Temper Trap feature (for tonedeaf)


I hung out with The Temper Trap in NYC the day their new album Thick As Thieves came out. We talked about it (surprisingly) and what it’s like to follow up a disappointing-performing second record, while also dealing with a founding member leaving the band.

Read it here (for tonedeaf)