Feature: 11 Bands You Should Get Back Together With (for FasterLouder)


In which I make jokes about: Daniel Chick, Charlie Pickering, Nova Scotian fishing fleets, Pauline Hanson, Adam Sandler, the Pigeon Detectives and many, many other things.

Also, it’s about bands you should make sure you still like. Because they’re good. Have a read here.

Feature: Descendents – Milo Aukerman interview (for FasterLouder)


Descendents — the timeless progenitors of pop punk — are one of my all-time favourite bands and I talked to their vocalist/the world’s leading punk-rock biochemist Milo Aukerman for FasterLouder. It was ace. Read it here.

Also: one thing I left out of the article was how much I loved the stark  difference in crowd reaction/behavour in the clip for their ’96 classic “I’m the One”…

… and their new single, “Victim of Me”

Everyone’s a photographer, huh? *Shrug emoji*

(Also: I talked to drummer Bill Stevenson in 2010 about their comeback and his health issues for Beat… what that dude went through was intense.)