The 10 Most Fun Brooklyn Nets Home Games This Season (for The Brooklyn Game)

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I wrote about the 10 most fun Brooklyn Nets home games this coming season over at The Brooklyn Game… really, though, it was a complicated exercise to make jokes about Chris Paul, Gordon Hayward’s hair and why Nick Young won’t lend D’Angelo Russell his phone. Have a read right here at The Brooklyn Game.

Isaiah Whitehead: top 3 NBA rookie point guard (for The Brooklyn Game)

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The Brooklyn Nets took Isaiah Whitehead at number 42 in the 2016 NBA draft (after a trade with Utah for the pick)… and I make the case how — despite a horrible -1.0 Win Share and brutal ESPN Real Plus-Minus of -3.71, ranking him 80th out of 89 qualifying NBA point guards  — he’s made to be considered one of the NBA’s best rookie point guards. Check it out here.

Just What Could The Nets Get For Brook Lopez? Part 2 (for TheBrooklynGame)

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Aaaaand here’s the second half of my lengthy breakdown of Brook Lopez’s trade value for the Brooklyn Game. Would he work on Washington? Milwaukee? Orlando? Find out here.