Power Ranking Soundgarden’s Superunknown 20 Years Later (fasterlouder)

Growing up, I loved Soundgarden. Like, loved them in the way a fat kid loves candy, or the way a gorilla sometimes loves a kitty. Few bands spoke to a hyperactive little redheaded kid  the way the Seattle band’s mix of power and darkness did. For a kid just figuring out how to do ‘brooding’ properly, they were a godsend.


So it was cool that I got to Power Rank each of  Superunknown’s songs 20 years later for Fasterlouder. Find it here.

20 Years On – Has Kurt Cobain Influenced Music Today At All?

My formative years were spent listening to Nirvana, and figured that Kurt Cobain’s musical legacy would always be undeniable and important …  so what happened?

You can read my feature about Cobain, 20 years after his death, right here.


Revisited: Reality Bites

Where I take a look at Reality Bites 20 years on. Was it the defining Gen X document… or just a navel-gazing paean to a bunch of annoying early-’90s jerks?

Find out here.