Bad Dreems – Gutful feature review (Rolling Stone)


Bad/Dreems might be the best Australian band since Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Well, them or Royal Headache. Or Smith Street Band. Whatever.

ANYWAY. Their new album Gutful is nigh-on perfect… (as I say) it “rumbles with the malevolence of Rundle Mall at 2am, spitting and kicking at a ruling class and confused culture fixated on self-interest and enrichment rather than insight and empathy.”

Read the full review of Gutful for Rolling Stone right here

And make sure you buy it twenty minutes ago, and tell me just how great “Nice Guy” is.

Mastodon – Emperor of Sand feature review (Rolling Stone)


Things that are good: the mid-’90s Seattle Supersonics, the bit in Independence Day when you realise how fucking nuts Randy Quaid ended up being, and Atlanta metal Mastodon.

You can find out just how good I think they are in my feature review of their new album Emperor of Sand for Rolling Stone¬†— in length — right here.

Hint: Go and listen/buy it right now.