11 bands you should probably break up with (Fasterlouder)


I like bands. I also like realising when it’s time to move on from bands I like. So I wrote about bands I like that it’s time to move on from, for Fasterlouder.

Plus I offer up two bands you should/could listen to instead, which was fun.

Check it out right here.

2014 Governors Ball, NYC – The Vine

Gov Ball NYC


The 2014 Governors Ball in NYC? It was nuts. So I wrote about it. Exhaustively.

Here’s what happened, along with all the Governors Ball award winners for 2014.

(I also took photos of roughly a million of the bands that played; here’s a few)

Strokes - 3


Diarrhea Planet  - 2 crowdsurf 3

Disclosure - 2

Tyler - 2

Deafheaven - 1

Foster The People - 3


Skrillex spacehip